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We listen to our customers.  Every project presents a unique and potentially changing set of conditions that we must understand in order to provide an effective coatings solution.  By listening carefully to you, we can best understand your needs.

Top quality is a top priority.  The industrial sector encompasses a myriad of conditions that can make successful coating application a complex challenge.  You need to be confident that the coating will last.  It starts with the selection of the right coatings system for the variables presented, continues with proper surface preparation, and ends with proper application of that system.

We deliver on time, every time. We know the importance of deadlines.  We pride ourselves in our ability to get the job done, even when customer requirements, environmental conditions or logistics change.

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Safety and Environmental Commitment

  • 1Safety and Accident Prevention Policy

It is the policy of Clark & Pattison Ltd. to conduct all operations safety, in order to prevent injury to persons and protect property. All practical steps shall be taken to build and maintain safe, healthy places of work. People are our most important asset, and their safety is our greatest responsibility.

The cooperation of all employees is required if the company’s Safety & Accident Prevention Policy is to be effective. The company will provide, and employees will participate in, all safety and training that is necessary to minimize losses of human and physical resources of the company.

Our management and job site supervisory staff shall strictly enforce this policy. Additionally, our Safety and Environmental Manual will serve as a guide to all employees to ensure the company’s compliance with all Federal, Provincial and Local safety legislation.

  • 2Environmental Policy

It is the goal of Clark & Pattison to be the premier industrial coating applicator in Western Canada. The owner and management of Clark & Pattison realize that environmental management is an integral part of attaining that goal, and are committed to ensuring that operations do not have a negative impact on the environment, health and safety of our employees, or our neighbors. To achieve this commitment, Clark & Pattison is guided by the following principles:

• We shall include environmental considerations in the decision-making processes.

• We shall comply with all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal laws and regulations that apply to our operations and activities.

• We shall establish and maintain policies and procedures for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner.

• We shall establish and achieve realistic targets and objectives, with the goal of continual improvement, against which environmental progress can be measured.

• We shall establish and maintain open communication with Clark & Pattison employees, clients, and the surrounding communities and be responsive to their environmental concerns.